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Scrub Love | Getting dirty and smooth

July 27, 2017

Today, I’m bringing you the review of a product I’ve been using and loving! I know these kind of posts are not very common here on the blog however, I thought this product was worthy of being shared with you. Certainly, you have already heard about coffee body scrubs, especially on social media. About a year ago, everybody had started using them and they were a sensation on Instagram. Everybody shared their beauty and “dirty” trick to get a smooth…

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Changes | New Haircut

July 24, 2017

Hey beauties, First post from Portugal and with a big change! I was in a phase where I didn’t like my hair at all. The color was no longer uniform, the ends were damaged and split and the cut was shapeless. Usually, I would cut it after the Summer because the beach and the sea salt always dry out and damage the hair. But this time, I just couldn’t wait! Since I love changes and I think it always increases…

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Multi-masking | L’Oréal Pure Clay Masks

May 7, 2017

I love trying out new skincare products specially face masks. Since I have combination skin type, I experience oiliness across my T-zone and dry skin on my cheeks. Multi-masking is an easy way to address the specific needs of my skin. …

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